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We all make mistakes when we are learning Tom, I know I have made my fair share and when all you have to go on is whats in front of you it is quite easy to replicate the previous repairers mistakes. It is only through experience and mistakes that we learn and rather than looking on the negative side look at the positive and be glad you have learnt something new and won’t make that mistake again. I remember just recently William had an issue with getting a clock running properly because the previous repair person had put the pallets back on the arbor the wrong way round. Fair play to William, he picked it up before any of us did. I quite often would put open springs back into the clocks the wrong way round so they would open out into the movement and jam against the centre arbor, stopping it running after only 3 days. i still do it now, just for old times sake of course ;)
Don’t ever think you are alone, we are all making mistakes, its part of the frustrating fun that is horology :)

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