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I just found an exploded view drawing of a Hamilton in the Swigart Manual on page 108. It shows the screws going in from the bottom too. doh!

Taking detailed pictures of the watch during dissasembly doesn’t help much if it was “assembled” incorrectly – and – the watch repairer (me) doesn’t recognize the problem. It was obvious that the screws wouldn’t work going in from the top; however, I made the mistake of thinking that the previous person had used the wrong screws when assembling (having never had my hands on a Hamilton before didn’t help). This watch was bought at an estate sale a decade ago and was just sitting in a safe the whole time. The only thing I can think keeping the regulator from falling off was its attachment to the hairspring as thats what happened when I pushed the stud out of the balance cock.

Well… another one for the lessons learned file. Now that its working, I hate to try and re-thread those tiny holes… 😯


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