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bernie weishapl
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Thanks for the info from all. David after a lot of thought it kinda boiled down to economics. At this point at my age do I need it? No. I figured I was getting the Taig anyway with a 10 pc set of ER collets that I found online starting from 1/32″. I figured for clock work the Taig would give me everything I need. On the occasional watch I work on if I need a part made my boley would suffice doing it with gravers. I thought about maybe getting it but when he shot the price of $450 plus shipping and after thinking about it if I go that way I might as well pony up another $100 or so and get a Sincere.

Bob I found my book by Goodrich and it is indeed a Rivett. It takes round cutting bits and is used in both the vertical and horizontal positions holding different tools if I read it right. My book was buried on the back shelf. Dug it and Archie Perkins book on lathes out to do some study and reading.

David I would like to hear more and where can I find these A2Z quick change tool system?

Thanks again guys. I learn something new everyday.

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