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david pierce
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First make sure that the coils are coming out evenly from the hairspring collet. I have pulled those pins out before and I think I would rather get a root canal than do it again. Getting the hairspring back into the hole and inserting the pin is a tough assignment. As far as I know the watch companies have switched to glue to hold the springs in the hole. If you get the pin in and the hairspring is coming out of the collet properly then procede to the next step.
Draw an imaginary line from the center of the balance wheel pivot to the center of the pallet arm pivot. The impulse jewel should be bisected by that imaginary line with the impulse jewel facing the escape wheel. The pallet fork should surround the jewel and the imaginary line should also bisect the pallet fork arm. As far as is the balance wheel in the “normal” place, there may be one but I do not see why it would make any difference as far as the operation of the watch is concerned. If a particular position is supposed to be determined by convention then you and I will receive a severe written repremand from the watch police. The trick is to adjust the hairspring collar so the impulse jewel sits on this imaginary line when the hairspring is at rest. The final adjustment is made with a watch timing machine.

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