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Hey Tom, they are pricey, I found these for sale by private owner and paid 150 each. they are inspection type microscopes. the grey one is a older Olympus, 50s 60s?, the other is a stolz that the guys neighbor used for examining peoples eyes around the world. I debated a long time on a articulating arm, experimented with different set ups for the amscope and your idea may work (it was an idea I also had) but with the style amscope I have in order to keep the light and get rid of the base it would be a total reconfiguration of all the parts, then mounting it and still have the ability to fine focus, the only other problem would be the focal point distance…for me that was a key factor in what I got, I wanted the ability to use tools underneath. the amscope also sells a style that has a larger “boom” and the focal point may be different, like you say these can all be a bit pricey. My idea came from a time when we had to go in to the doctor to get ears checked. I noticed the huge articulating arm mounted to the wall that held a inspection style binocular microscope. Now that would be awesome because it could be manipulated in any direction and had a very long reach. I searched and found they too were very expensive, but if a clinic is upgrading to newer equipment, you never know. William

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