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I found a balance on Ebay. so I can continue with this clock , but im not giving up on repairing this balance.
I the mean time I got the new balance, cleaned it and installed it, it would run for a bit and stop. so I took it all back apart and took a closer look at everything and noticed some green goo still on the gear teeth, I cleaned those back up I checked the play in all the pivots, no more than 5 deg on any of them. but when I put it back together, just the time train this time it ran for a bit and stopped. I noticed that the escapement wheel was just dangling,, no power to it.. so I reached in to the next wheel and gave it a nudge and the balance took off,, I went down the train till I got to the spring barrel and the next wheel,,, its either the wheel next to the barrel or the barrel, I did notice that the barrel did seem a bit loose,, I rechecked the play on the wheel next to the barrel and it seemed fine. but im pretty sure im loosing my power between these to items. the other barrel of the same size,, the gong barrel I believe, I tried in its place,, it wasn’t quite as loose and it went longer but there is still the bind.
on the barrels most of the play seems to be between the arbor that winds the spring and the axle that slides in and out with the square for the key. could these items be wore out ?

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