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If the mainspring doesn’t expand much then it would point to it being “set” i.e. it has lost most of its elasticity but even so when fully wound it should easily be able to run the clock.
I did ask in an earlier post if you had done any bushing to the clock? If so check the bushes are not too tight. Also, if you have excessive wear to any of the pivot holes this will allow a wheel to lean so much that the wheel or pinion from the following or previous wheel is unable to mesh correctly and could cause it to lock up.

Nice job on the chime arbor and no, they are not all like that one. Again in a previous post on this thread I did suggest you can make arbors but with the tang/hook the other way around so you can insert them from the open side of the barrel and treat it as a standard barrel when removing the mainspring on your tool.
Very nice job on that spring winder, if you don’t want to buy a set of sleeves it is worth trying your local repair garage for old sections of exhaust which can be cut up and put to use.


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