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Mclark3617, do not use a abrasive and you do not have to “burnish”. These have a plated finish for hardness and you do not want to remove it. use a soft piece of wood and some metal polish. I use simichrome or something similar. chuck up the arbor in a pinvise, find a block of wood and make a small notch. spin the pivise with one hand, opposite pivot in the notch, and push/pull the stick of wood with the polish on it over the pivot, kind of tricky at first. if the pivots are smooth checking with the fingernail, they do not have to be messed with. Be very careful as those pivots are easy to bend. and by all means have a mellow song on the radio, when your done you can sing and dance to Jim Croce “dont mess around with Jim” Hope that all makes sense :D

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