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chris mabbott
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    @david pierce wrote:

    I think Bob Whiteman nailed it. Aparently he just happened to have an electron microscope laying around the house along with some spare time, and I am sure glad he did. It looks like burnishing is the way to go. By the way, the father of the famous folksinger, Joan Biaz, was a renowned physicist and the inventor of the electron microscope.

    Not one of the items that are currently cluttering up my space, but I definitely think it would be something that I’d use once only, although pretty kewl to have when you have company over… Hey, what’s that? Oh, that old thing, just my electron microscope 😆

    I’m surprised that he didn’t do a burnish followed by a polish? I would have liked to see the results of that combination.
    I would have also liked to see what a jewel hole looked liked under extreme mag, poor jewels get forgotten while we all focus on the pivots, it’s just not fair 😆

    David, I was dragged to a Joan Baez show in Vancouver by my mother when I was a mere lad back in the 70s sometime, which I think has still left me traumatized today, because at that time I was into T-Rex, Slade and Iggy pop.