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bernie weishapl
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Generally I make sure the pivots are round and straight. I make sure they are not pointed like a needle or barrel shaped or have any other irregularities. I generally burnish with a piece of mainspring and oil. If they do have some irregularities I use a pivot file then will burnish. We had a guy about 60 miles from me a couple of towns over. He had did clocks for almost 40 yrs. He has since quit because of alzheimer’s. He told me he burnished his pivots and then polished them with a felt wheel charged with yellow jewelers rouge. He said he never had a clock come back because of pivots. He then said he cleaned them in his ultrasonic. He showed me a couple he had did. I ran my finger nail over them and they were as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Not sure if it is right or wrong but they sure were shiney and looked good.

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