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In the past I have put in Ebay bids on a watchmaker tool lot. When I started pulling stuff out of the box I started noticing strange looking tools and had no idea what they were. The strangest tool looked like the type of scale you weigh fish with. It was about 1/2 the size of a pencil (perhaps for guppies and minows) with a spring loaded pointer on the side and a skinny wire comming out of the end. Looking through the CHICAGO SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING book one day I saw it. It was a tool to measure the ID of watch jewel holes. I never saw a picture of this thing in any other watch repair book. Their section on DRAWING WATCH ESCAPEMENTS offers the best way to understand the escape wheel and pallet action I ever saw. I had an incomplete copy I bought elsewhere but the one from LULU seems to have it all.

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