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bernie weishapl
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Thanks David. That helps a lot. I sat down in the shop and thought about it and think the Taig would be the way to go. Use the Boley for smaller jobs and the Taig for bigger jobs. It took forever to turn that big arbor for a mainspring wheel that had the square part almost twisted off. :D There was no way to straighten it so made a new one. I have had to make a few of those thru the years. The Boley would also be used for it’s indexing so I could file the sqaure on the end for the key. Another one is the big bushings for the mainspring wheels. Thanks again David.

The Taig does come with a motor. I am tickled that it does come with ER collets and adapter. The only thing I think I would order from Taig is a steady rest.

I hope Jan does comment. I would love to know his thoughts.

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