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great thread David, I too had the vision of one person sitting there making and assembling a early 1900s pocket watch, I was sorely disappointed when I watched the video Tom had posted of the elgin watch factory, as neat as it was it crushed my perception. of course if you had to make 10000 parts the investment of time and money leans towards a mass production setup, If you had to make 1 part then you may have to find your green visor and wire rim spectacles and get to work with what you have. Improvising is a great way to learn (at least in my case) working from very crude tools and methods, then depending on my financial situation buying and using greatest tools and techniques. Isnt it interesting that the public perception leans towards the cruder methods? That a timepiece handed down from your Grandfather would be more valuable if it was made by Paul in his tweed skirt? I think as long as the job gets done accurately it really doesnt matter on how. I decided to buy a milling machine but I am sure if I wanted I could have used a sharp rock to get very similar results, if I did would that make a part more valuable? maybe. David, how long do you think this particular discussion has been going on? the beginning of time? Oh, and thank you for all you do……William

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