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david pierce
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Nor would it be as likely to work as well. The products from China are brand new and the used products have been in use for many years and are in some cases worn. This is particularry true with leadscrews and backlash issues but also on other wear surfaces. Much of the Boley, Wolf Jahn, and Lorch equipment was made over 80 years ago. The accessories are difficult to find, are often expensive and are probably worn out. After going through an expensive learning curve with cars my wife and I drive Toyotas. I know that I can put my key into the ignition and get from point A to point B. A piece of equipment will either meet your needs or it will not. That said I also use a Boley with a Levin cross slide but I also have a background in machine work and a machine shop, and spent a lot of hours getting this equipment to work properly. I had to make a chuck holding tailstock runner with a chuck mounted on it to hold drill bits. The Sincere stuff worked perfectly out of the box and already came with this type of thing.

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