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david pierce
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That is the same thought I had when I bought mine several years ago. At that time I figured that if it turned out to be a piece of junk I would be out $450.00. When I cut my first piece on it I could not believe how nice the finish was on my turned part. In the end it is a very well made cone bearing lathe that functions beautifully for watch size parts. If you go to Youtube and pull up THE WATCH REPAIR CHANNEL and then select HOW TO FIT A NEW WATCHMAKERS LATHE BELT BY WELDING you can see the lathe that Mark Levic uses. It appears that the name plate has been removed from the base but it is the same lathe. Mine has an extremely accutate spindle, a collet holding lever operated tailstock that lines up with the headstock, a well made cross slide with no backlash or wobble problems, a smooth running motor, a well made milling attachment, a sturdy well made spring pulley stand. From my perspective I do not know what anybody else would want to ask for but that is just my perspective.

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