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Thanks for the kind welcome. Mahlon I am up in the Northwest corner of Kansas on I-70 just 18 miles east of the Colorado border. Have lived there for 40 yrs and was born and raised 60 miles from there. William this has been a part time job for me since 1981. I am cutting down my service call area because people are just not willing to pay the mileage and service call fee. Generally I try to get 3 or 4 calls in a area but it seems since the economy went in the tank I only get 1 call here or there. A lot of them expect me to drive there for 10 to 15 cents a mile and at $3 a gallon I charge $1 a mile round trip. So if I go out 90 miles that is $180 plus $75 call. So they have $255 in the clock before we even get to the repair part. Then add another $250 to $450 for a overhaul 90% will balk. I can make more money at the bench than I can doing one call out there at 90 to 100 miles away. :D Anyway now that I am retired we like to visit the grandkids more often than we did when I was working. :mrgreen:

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