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The lathes are made in China and I have never seen a used one for sale. One of the issues with shipping is the sellers in China use FEDEX to move their packages out. This is because the Chinese post office is disfunctional. There are a few venders who sell the same lathe such as SMASHWATCH, MERLIN TOOLS, CTC TOOLS but they are all the same lathe. There is also a German company called VECTOR that puts them in a nice looking wooden box, jacks the price up by thousands of dollars, and makes a claim that they “finish” the lathe in Germany. The lathe I bought from Sincere did not need finishing. It worked just fine and still works fine. If you go to YOUTUBE and bring up the WATCH REPAIR CHANNEL there is a video of Mark Lovick showing how he changes a belt on a lathe. Take a good look at his lathe.
If you buy a PEERLESS lathe make sure it will take the collets you have before buying it. Check with the seller before the purchase.
One thing everyone should know about cone bearing lathes is ALL cone bearing lathes must have a bit of spindle runout in order to work properly. This is typically around + or – .0001 inches. The reason is there must be some space between the bushing and the spindle in order for the spindle to turn. The gap between the two parts fills with oil (spindle oil) and the parts actually rotate on the liquid oil; not on each other. A ball bearing lathe such as a DERBYSHIRE uses extremely ultra high precision BARDON ball bearings. The runout on a new DERBYSHIRE instrument lathe is held within milionths of an inch. For many years ball bearing technology could not equal the precision of a cone bearing. This changed around World War 2 when new manufacturing techniques and abrasive powders were developed and perfected. High end ball bearings (expensive) now out perform cone bearings.

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