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I think they were made in the 50s-60s. They are just an inexpensive clock. The one I just did, belong to a customers grandmother and hearing it chime reminded them of her. So in that aspect it has sentimental value. I have one in my shop, that had been laying on a shelf for about 6 years. When I finished they’re clock, I dusted mine off just to see if it still ran. It still keeps time 😯 For me it was a good clock to practice on, since I am still learning how to work on them. If you take it apart, be careful with the winding arbors. The wheel bushings brake lose from the wheel, pretty easily. If you are going to repair it for resale, I probably would not spend too much time on it. Mine, I will keep for parts, just in case some one else brings one in for repair. Did you all get hit with this latest round of storms? It am working on a Hermle movement right now. I just broke a pivot off of the verge. I am in no way good enough at the lathe to repivot. I will probably just put a new movement in it, unless I can find a verge 😥 Mahlon

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