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Thanks for the replies! I’ve read both sets of notes that Bob produced (watch and clock repair notes) and while they are excellent tips for troubleshooting, they aren’t giving me a good feel for the most efficient way of doing things. I too refuse to compromise quality for speed, but if I can make things quicker I want to do so.

I guess I’m looking for more specifics:
What gets checked/diagnosed during disassembly vs reassembly, or are you using an intermediate, partially assembled “let’s check this” stage? As I do things now, after the cleaning I end up assembling the wheel train by itself to check shakes, depthing, freedom of movement, etc. Then I take that down and do the same for the escapement. I also check the shake on the barrel after cleaning. As you can see, I assemble small sections to work on one at a time. Any issues or adjustments I find during this process often requires several more assemble-disassemble cycles to get right.

Am I going in the right direction or is there a more efficient way?

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