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chris mabbott
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Funny story David, as it mirrors, yet is opposite to mine. I was “persuaded” by my father to pursue his field, engineering, which I liked, in the aesthetic sense, but I also equally sucked at academically 😆 I was more the visual artsy one, but I just got stuck in the former.
I also used to admire those people who could create and invent, seemingly out of thin air, the most incredible, functional, items. I could visualize something, but not actually make it, pissed me off 😆 but to each his own.

Going back to the 70’s in the mining industry, we had four “old timer” machinists, it sounds like the start of a joke but they were an Englishman (limey) an Irishman (paddy) and two Germans (Fritzes), these guys produced an amazing amount of complicated items, detented parts for hydraulic valve banks, motor parts, tools, everything, I was in awe of them. I wish now that I had learned more, but…

I think the thing I’ve found over the years is that we, us here on the forum, and others who collect, delve, repair, those that have interests, well, we are the lucky ones. I’ve come across a large percentage of individuals who have no interests, which I think is kinda sad, not to mention…boring, although when I begin talking watches to the uninitiated, I suppose they think that I am too LOL
So the real skill, or gift, is not necessarily being fantastic at something, 50% of the battle is having an interest in the first place.


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