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Hey Chris, not that I have cut many balance staffs, but in practicing I have found a hss graver works just as good as a carbide, maybe better as I am able to put on and maintain a nice cutting edge on them, I have many gravers that have been made into different shapes and angles for certain cuts. I also have carbide and thru improper use? I have chipped the points in short order and as David has said they require a bit more work to get back into shape. What I am learning is that at the right speed and sharpness of hss graver you can get a pretty nice finish, using stones for finalizing some dimensions, polishing and burnishing. I have toyed around with using the cross slide to get certain dimensions then use the hand gravers to get the undercuts, tappers, coves or radius’s or whatever that would require alot of time setting up for with the cross slide. I am still pretty new at turning balance staffs, but I think whatever technique someone uses practice, practice practice and it will be your own best way, goal being a proper functioning part. Have fun, William

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