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Hey, thanks guys, this mill does have a coolant pump, the guy I bought it from said he never used it, he built small steam engines with this…I went to a mom and pop metal supply shop only a couple of miles from me, he has all kinds of scraps of brass, steel, aluminum, problem is he wasnt there because of a family medical issue and not sure when he will be back, hope all goes well for them, I would rather spend money at a small family business than some large corporation. Currently setting everything up, went thru the machine with a fine tooth comb (almost looks new), made some way covers out of a truck tire innertube, making a space for it in the shop and hopefully will roll it in today. I am imagining late nights this week doing some practice milling :D I have not even looked at all the cutting bits yet, I would say 100 or more, many shapes and sizes most unused, trying to figure out how I will organize all this stuff so I can find and learn what I need when I need it. William

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