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Hi Brian, great question and please follow up with what you decide as it may help others out there…..2 years ago I bought a 2 1/2 gallon ultrasonic new for $360.00 The name brand is Prosonix. First off I had NO experience with a ultrasonic cleaner, because of money and because of the fear of getting burned buying used stuff I thought this would be a good deal on a new product, I have used mine for 2 years and it works the same as when I bought it new. It has good surface action and when I stick my hand in it it has a stinging effect on the skin 🙄 (dont do that) I wanted large capacity and am glad I went for the bigger size, fits large clock plates and bunches of stuff (mainsprings). I have put 3-400 clock movements thru this BUT remember…. I have nothing else to compare to. the fancy digital readouts would be nice but all mine has is a knob to turn and a switch to flip, the simpler the better for me, the knob is a timer and the switch is the heater. As far as the cleaning solution, if you mix up what Bob has on the videos it cost very little to make 2 1/2gallons, I buy the historic timekeepers stuff from timesavers, I like it, its easy and quick to get a new tankful, in a 2 1/2 gallon tank, a gallon of the solution will make 3 batches for around $40.00 total (with continuous use depending on how dirty the clocks are a fresh tank will last 4 – 6 months). I use it until it gets pretty dirty sometimes refreshing it with ammonia. someday I would like to see the action of those really expensive units, maybe the are super good but for now I am happy with the off brand (by the way there is little info out there on the machine I bought) Have a great day, William

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