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chris mabbott
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    Hey buddy, ya kinda missed a few words from the first quote 😆 I’ll put it down to having cold hands, so a typo.. Was that B/day cake ;)

    Definitely the jewel could chew up the pivot, I think most of jewels in my selection are synthetic and are made up of corundum which is an abrasive and very hard.
    A good example of the pivot wearing the jewel, as well, is the tiny hole we can see in the cap jewel BUT, I suppose that both could destroy each other, which, under normal operating conditions should not happen. We do know, from documented reports, that a sharp blow or drop to the watch can break the pivot, which in turn would destroy its jewel bearing. I think this can be determined from the cap jewel not breaking due to sudden shock, you very rarely see both jewels broken.

    Good point William, and my bad for not mentioning that I do use a burnisher on the jacot, after which I use a piece of hardwood with powder to achieve the mirror finish, followed by felt and buff stick, so I can say that I’m not sure if the powder will impregnate into the steel, it shouldn’t because it’s not being used straight, it’s mixed with oil as a carrier and the wood is the softer material, so it should be absorbed in this first rather than the hardened, polished pivot.

    I hope tomorrow I can make some more progress as I’m getting a back log :?