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chris mabbott
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    Hi David, sorry for the late reply, I was composing one as I got called away for the last two weeks :?

    But yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly, I hate, yes, hate, when I see things for sale that I 100% know for sure are the result of a chop shop, I see many movements that have had their cases/parts stripped and it is pure money grabbing techniques, most of the time for naught. OK, we need parts, and sometimes it is regrettably necessary to use one to repair another, but personally, I cannot bring myself to buy a movement for parts, because I end up getting it going 😆 Buying parts from dealers is kinda like when I eat meat, I ignore where it comes from :?

    When I got back I had a bunch of stuff in the mail, including the staff for this Hamilton and a nice original NOS shiny set of hands which I shall get to work on this weekend and post the hopeful completion and successful resurrection of this lovely, classic timepiece. God I love this hobby :D