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chris mabbott
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Hi all,

A little update on this watch, as i’ve mentioned, my area is partially closed due to a little construction, but I received a few new items that I’m itching to get in to, so I have to finish this one first. I don’t want another unfinished symphony 😆

OK, I found the staff I needed for this grade, a Hamilton #127 staff with the small collet, which I hope was described correctly, the last three I received were #126, for a double roller model, they were in the incorrect packages..

I know that the way I remove a staff is NOT the recommended way, and that most people will frown upon this method, but, it works for me 8-)

My thinking is this.. The amount of material that is squashed/peened over on the rivet is 3-5 times less than that which it is fastened to. So that part, the rivet, is weaker. The weakest link will always break before the strongest.

I don’t use the K&D staff removal tool, simply because I find it awkward and a little clumsy, for me. I just use the machined flat base of my staking tool. I use my little Italian tool, the punches are very fine in diameter, in comparison to the Horia, K&D, and others, so they work great.

Here I simply lay the balance on the lapped flat surface, the contact points are almost 100% so the balance is not going to distort.

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