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@david pierce wrote:

I have also seen this in new watches that are made in China. I suspect that it is a component in the watch oil that was used. As the solvent in the oil evaporates it solidifies over time leaving the white chuncks of “wax” behind. One Dip will probably disolve this stuff but it sure is expensive.

I’ve seen that on watches that a friend of mine collects.
He tries to COA them, but uses oil that sets up not unlike spar varnish.
I keep trying to talk him out of using it, and buying something decent.
I’ve redone a few of them for him. 😯

I re-use the the One-Dip for instances like these, as I’m following it up w/ L&R.

When I run out,..I think that I’m just going to buy Carbon-Tetrachloride….I think that’s basically all it is…



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