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chris mabbott
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    @david pierce wrote:

    Zippo lighter fluid is Naptha. I buy it by the gallon from a home improvement store over here called HOME DEPOT. When I mentioned that I used it to clean watch parts on the NAWCC forum it started a barage of nasty comments. One guy flashed his ROLEX credentials in my face and told me I “needed to man up and use L&R cleaner”. My thought when I saw the comment was ROLEX does not have a jerk filter when they issue their credentials. I have been using it in an ultrasonic cleaner and have been pleased with the way it works. I recently purchased a conventional L&R old time propeller/jar machine but it hasn’t come in yet. I somehow feel vindicated to see someone else using Naptha to clean watch parts.

    David, I got the same response on NAWCC when I “admitted” to using naptha on a guys post, who was also using it, but I still use it anyway because it works well 😆
    I also read in the old timers books that they used naptha, cyanide and a veritable array of dangerous and nasty chemicals that…worked. I’m not saying that it’s right, but individuals are allowed to make their own choices based on their experience and needs.
    I suppose I can understand how those working professionally in the watch repair trade would frown at such “garden shed” methods, after all, soaking a 12,000+ euro rolex in zippo, kinda sounds bad 😆 But a nice relaxing day at the L&R spa, soaking in specially formulated solutions that will moisturize and rejuvenate your prize… that sounds acceptable and eases the stress of being without your watch for a few days.

    I actually really, really like the cleaning part, I get great pleasure and satisfaction from hand cleaning and polishing, I found that the ultra-sonic took that away, so that is one of the reasons I stopped using it for watches.
    I’ll spend hours, days, just on the cleaning part, and whereas it isn’t economical, the joy is priceless and I feel that this is what counts more than anything, for me.

    I’m happy that I could inspire some new ideas, thank you for sharing that, makes my fun feel more useful ;)