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chris mabbott
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There isn’t a trace of the former lube inside the MSB, completely dry, where did it go :?:
Many people use oil for the MS, I like to use the same synthetic grease that I use for the other high pressure, high torque parts, we need that lube to stay put and do its job, not dry up or be squeezed out. The MS is a high torque application, it is an expanding/contracting part under pressure at all times, even at rest. Grease has a tendency to bond better and maintain a lubricating film, whereas oil, regardless of viscosity, will wear down and run away. This is why in most industrial applications where torque and pressure are involved, a high viscosity gear/chain lube is used. Basically a watch is a mini gear box.

The other important factor to consider is the quantity, for this purpose, we need only to wipe the spring with grease, and a little drop on the barrel. I usually grease the barrel lightly before I replace the spring.

So i also need a new spring 👿

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