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Hey guys , thanks for the input. I too like the idea of having dedicated machines. I have the larger lathe and a atlas horizontal benchtop mill. the issue I am having is that I want to use a dividing head on it for cutting gears. the lowest the mills bed will go will give me 5 3/8″ from the table top to the spindle center, I see the bs-0 dividing heads (smallest I have seen) with a 100mm (almost 4″) center height leaving me with a 1 3/8 center to center, the possible largest sized gear would be 2 3/4 without a cutter. I have not used this or even bought any cutters yet but unless I am missing something here I know I wont be satisfied. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around what I need to do and I feel way out there 😯 as you can see…. . sherline sells this, Sherline CNC 8700 – CNC Rotary Table Indexer on ebay (item # 251273224335) rather steep price. . I did some more research on the mill/drill/lathe setups and it was a overwhelming negative response from machinist forums. have fun today, William
P.S. sorry David, no speedos here (below zero weather) youll have to get Tom to redo his picture.

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