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@david pierce wrote:

Derbyshire lathes are fairly common over here. The company is still in business and in my view they produce the finest instrument lathes ever made. Doug Smith, the owner, produces a spindle that is as accurate as a mechanical bearing and spindle can go. The only way to achieve more accuracy would be to go to an air spindle or hydraulic spindle. Another nice thing about their machines is everything lines up perfectly. The tail stocks are dead on with the spindles.
I bought a printed copy of THE CHICAGO SCHOOL OF WATCHMAKING from UNCLE LARRY’S WATCH SHOP. He had a bunch of copy’s run off from a printing company and may still sell them. Check and see.

Thanks David, I’ll check with my favorite uncle Larry. Interesting about the Derbyshire lathes, I didn’t realize that they still produced them, I should have one anyway because my grandparents were from……Derbyshire UK :P

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