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    @Chris Mabbott wrote:

    Paul, you don’t happen to be a Sagittarius do you, you sound exactly like me, getting bored quickly 😆 Like you, the only things that I’ve ever maintained an interest in, all my life are my hobbies, which I always return to after picking at many other brief interests..

    Thank guys,


    Chris, for what its worth I am an Aries, I dont like to lose at anything!
    Yep, as you stated above I do exactly the same, the only consistent hobby is fishing, then we have – Stamp collecting, playing the bass guitar, photography (film and digital), record collecting and home hi-fi, metal detecting, model railways etc…. at the moment it is stamp collecting but it wont last and then I will switch to one of my other hobbies or even take up something new if I ever find anything else interesting.
    Horology is also a hobby, I am just very fortunate that I can make a living from it, it means I dont ever have to do another days work in my life :)

    Mahlon, I collect marbles too but I sold my victorian hand blown collection a while back to pay for some lathe collets.