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Hey Chris, my story is a lot like Paul’s. I started out in construction, almost 40 years ago. My wife and I would go to garage sales and small auctions on the weekend, buy old beat up furniture, bring it home, refinish it, and furnish our house. Once I became a cabinet maker, we graduated into buying antiques, restoring them and then reselling them (at least I would resell them) :) . About 20 years ago, 4 back surgeries, and too many operations on my legs to count, I was told that I had to retire. At 36 that was not an option, so we opened an antique restoration business, as kinda a hobby,or to get me out of my wifes hair. When E-bay came along, I noticed clocks did pretty well, so I started picking them up, when I could buy them cheep enough. We would refinish the cases, then sell them on E-bay. I bought a Trade mark clock, and a friend showed me how to put it in to beat. After that I could sell most of the clocks we found as working 🙄 . Since then I have wanted to know how to really fix one. I Now have a dozen or so clock of my own to work on an practice. I am hoping to get to the point that I can quit doing the big furniture and just do clocks. We do anywhere from 100 to 300 hundred pieces of furniture a year and I am getting too old to lift some of this stuff 😥 As far as collecting goes, we collect a little bit of everything. I lean toward clocks, toys, marbles., my wife, anything heavy 😥 As for the Trade mark, it has been running ever since my friend put it in beat almost 20 years ago. The movement was dirty when I got it, and it has not been cleand yet. Oh I did give it a good shot of WD40, when I first bought it

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