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chris mabbott
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@willofiam wrote:

Well as far as collecting, getting slow, old, fat, and bald,
I’m collecting dust 🙄 . William

William, I only see minor issues with the first three, the last one, bald, well my friend, that is simply a blessing as you can tell from my pic 😆
God only made so many perfect heads, the rest, he covered with hair :D

It’s nice to see others using these once retired pieces of technology, yet again. The wonderful thing is that not only do they work, well, but they are pieces of art from a past time and they look amazing. Like you William, I’ve caught people gawking over my shoulder as I pull it out of my vest pocket, sometimes I remove the back cover to see the movement gleaming in the sun, this is why I LOOOVE American watches, these are from the golden age of innovation and industry, and it was, in a way, a war between Swiss snobishness, who firmly promoted that any other watch but Swiss was crap, and the American watchmaking industry who were going to show them where the bear sits in the woods.
This part of horological history is really interesting as it was literally, a war of technology between two countries.

Either someone told me or I read it, I can’t remember, but wasn’t there something about a pocket watch Olympics between the Swiss and the US in 1903, based on various trials that PWs were put through, like hot & cold timekeeping accuracy, rough handling, being dropped from a building, length of running time etc, and the U.S. RR PWs won hands down??
The Swiss firmly believed that 21+ jewel watches were simply American over exaggeration and that 17 jewels were sufficient, guess that changed LOL

Paul, you don’t happen to be a Sagittarius do you, you sound exactly like me, getting bored quickly 😆 Like you, the only things that I’ve ever maintained an interest in, all my life are my hobbies, which I always return to after picking at many other brief interests..

Thank guys,


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