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chris mabbott
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I partially reassembled the motor, end covers and rotor, in order to rough align the brush holders, while doing this I came to realize that those little… whatever they are, (SEE PHOTO 17) I originally thought seals, may not be actual seals, rather spacers? I’m not sure yet but it was late so I didn’t go further.

If they are seals, they are either worn on the circumference to a point where they are no good as they are a smaller diameter than the opening where the bearing sits, or they are locating rings? They are metallic so my thinking tends to swing towards locators.

So now I think of all the oil mist carried through the motor from the sleeve bearings, I am wondering if I can make some sort of lip seal, or maybe even find some mini commercial types?
I’m also considering adding a filter, maybe steel mesh, on the air input side, just to cut down the dust drawn through via the fan. I could actually use a thick vacuum cleaner bag and cut it to fit the intake vents, it should allow enough air flow to cool..

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