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chris mabbott
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    Paul, of course you can buddy, preferably, in person :) Seriously, if you want to by all means send it over.

    William my brother, glue wouldn’t be a favorable choice on a motor, the current on these 240v motors creates a lot of heat that would melt the glue, it even melts that black, plastic electrical tape, and that would cause problems if it migrated into the works and would be a pain to clean. This is why insulation tape is preferred, it isn’t adhesive and won’t melt, you use adhesive rubber tape secondly to hold it in place as the rubber usually just turns into crumbly black dust and is easy to clean.
    This being said, there are types of proper electrical glue/resin for this application, also the heat shrinks for shielding, which once heated, are more resistant to higher temps.

    The thing I don’t like about the hard resin coats is that the heat generated causes the connections to expand and contract, the resin causes the brass connecters/wires, to work harden and become brittle, you eventually have to change them out and it is very difficult to remove that damn resin, so you have to cut it off, thereby shortening the wire.

    For the leads, the wires that run out of the motor and will have a plug attached, I will use a heat shrink, if I can find it. It isn’t my first choice, but the opening is too small to use regular wire shielding, and with 240v which can give you the kiss of death, I don’t like to leave these leads open.
    Hopefully my quest for the holy grail won’t take weeks, as it usually does while I pursue clues, secret messages and stories passed down from father to son as to the whereabouts of these hidden relics 😆