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chris mabbott
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I’m toying with the idea of boring out the housing and converting this to sealed bearings 🙄 A possibility that may see fruition after the first run. If it seems to be good, I’ll leave it original, if not….

I cleaned the insulation and the stator, removed the old brittle insulators around these great old clips. I haven’t seen this type for about 30 yrs, A mining company I worked for purchased a bunch of FLP switch gear from a pit in the UK, which were actually from the 50’s, they were full of this kind of connectors, but they still worked fine. These little guys are no exception. So now I’m stuck until Monday when I have to find and buy some insulating tape, not the black plastic kind 😆 The tan colored one that is hard and feels brittle. I’ll also try to find some heat shrink HAH, for the lead wires or some form of insulating cover. I also need a male two prong plug to connect it to my foot controller.

But all in all, it’s not in bad shape for a 60+ year old motor and it has cleaned up nicely, Oh yeah 8-)

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