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chris mabbott
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    Thanks for your kind replies gents.
    Bernie – I’m happy that you have more faith in me than I do, thank you :D I was thinking about trying to drill down and fit an oil tube but there is not enough/any space on the end cover. I’ll post a few pics to illustrate. I think with this one, I’m just going to have to take it apart once a year and soak the bronze bearings..

    OK, today was a good day because my better half had no projects for me, it was raining a little and my friends that are visiting have driven to Sevilla for two days…Free.

    I got everything cleaned up and inspected, I found that the bearing housings had suffered a little from lack of lubrication and were pitted and slightly scarred, there were traces of something black, like paint or burnt grease?
    Maybe someone had decided to apply grease in this area which is a huge NO, NO :? for sintered bronze bearings as the grease simply plugs them up, then the grease heats up and hardens.

    After a little investigation, I found that an SAE 20 weight motor oil is a good choice. I only had a 30 weight so that will have to do. I brass wire brushed the bearing clean, gently, and cleaned them with a little naphtha. Then I’ve left them soaking in the oil as to absorb it into the porous material.

    Here is the view of the bearing housing before treatment..