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chris mabbott
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Paul. They’ve got sellers convinced that this is the best and most “honest” way. That sellers have nothing to fear, nor face complaints due to a buyer receiving his goods from the US and then griping about paying duty.

So most sellers refuse to state that it’s a gift, ok fine, that I
Understand. I ask the sellers I buy from to state that it is USED or OLD which is not an exaggeration. Most comply with this request.

Now do not buy from sellers using the GSP even if it’s something really nice. So if everyone does this and their overseas business dies, maybe it will send a message, like the buy now option. eBay was always about finding a deal and bidding, now it has become a shopping mall for antiques and crap LOL

Funny thing is that the UK also began to charge duty on shipping cost from the US last year LOL

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