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chris mabbott
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Hey guys,

I always thought that MC was the north pole (xmas wise) for adult boys and what a wonderful place to be stuck in. I’ve spent many hours going through their catalog and ordering supplies, Ahh sweet memories :D

Jan – Although I haven’t ordered anything from MC, I have had much experience with buying and receiving goods and getting ripped off by customs 👿

In downtown espana, the mafia, i mean customs, recently began adding shipping costs to increase the maximum amount allowed before duty, which was 60 euros, apparently in harmony it seemed, with USPS increasing their international shipping rates to extortionate levels. Just more control and money grabbing.

The funny thing was that I purchased an item a while ago from a seller on ebay who used the GSP, where taxes and duties are calculated at checkout, here’s the math…

Item price $48
International shipping $24
Duties & taxes at checkout $23

When the item arrived here, I was charged an additional 34 euros in taxes, duty and “administration fees” in fact those fees accounted for 17 euros.

When I complained and mentioned the ebay GSP to them, they had no idea what it was. Really, they’re right, since when do you pay duty in the country that you’re shipping FROM?

So my $48 item ended up costing me $142. Funny thing, it was 2 NOS mainsprings & a balance staff but because it was packed in a box 20 times larger than it needed…BOOM..

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