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chris mabbott
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And out she plops, the rotor actually looks good, no rust or carbon flash residue, just a bit of lite grime that will brass wire wheel off. I use a dremmel fine brass wire wheel for this, then I will blow off any dust and wipe with a rag dipped in alcohol until clean.

So back to the lack of bearings, I realize now that this is one of the old style that uses a Bronze sleeve bearing instead of the commonly used ball or thrust bearings used today in almost all motors.

The issue I see here so far is that there are no oil ports in the housing cover, this type of bearing requires a few drops of oil every few months, depending on type of service. Due to the lack of wear and the complete absence of any signs of oil, I would say that this motor was used very rarely, if it wasn’t, these Bronze carriers would be toast, as would the housing in which they fit.

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