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chris mabbott
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    You’re welcome Bob & welcome home..

    Well, my motor arrived with a few other goodies that I’ve been anxiously awaiting. The problem is that I’m having a bit of construction done around my dungeon area, I let the guys use the head, out of pure courtesy, but they’ve kinda made it into their lunch room, much to my dismay, also, their more valuable tool storage area, so yesterday when I went down and saw all the crap and dust inside.. I FREAKED 👿

    I had to set a few ground rules and I think they got the message from the thunder cloud above my head, so I’ve covered everything in plastic and tried to clean up… So the motor/watch rebuilds will have to wait until sometime next week (Bob, I need a crying smiley please)

    I went down this evening and did a clean up, then I could not stand to wait until next week to see what was wrong with the Hamilton that arrived today, I know, I know 😆

    This is what I’m faced with, to the right of the guy is the entrance to my little shop 🙄