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chris mabbott
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@ewinrow wrote:

I could not stand the down time very long. I use this machine almost daily. Ed.

If you pick up all of the gear you need in advance Ed, you can have the motor completed in a couple of hours, or less. Not much to them.
You can provide the frame info to an electrical supply company, they should be able to match the brushes, unless it’s the brushless type. You can also pop off one of the end caps and photograph the bearing, get the measurements/part numbers etc, then pre order the bearings. You will need the following..

Standard/metric socket set, and combination wrenches
A couple of flat screwdrivers, for prying LOL
One of those cheap small bearing puller kits, they used to be about $20 for three different sizes.
A small blow torch or heating element
a brass wire brush or dremmel
Isopropyl alcohol, it is a fairly mild solvent used for general surface cleaning of electronic equipment
some rags
Hammer, soft faced type
A piece of pipe that will just fit over the shaft and touch the inner race NOT the seal.
A piece of hard wood to set the end of the shaft on.

Unfortunately I am no longer part of the North American convenience group like you guys, where I could go into Albertson’s, buy bread, steak, beer and ceramic bearings 😆 So my hunt is a quest..


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