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Hey Guys, there is usually a way to adjust so a clock can be put into beat, some by bending the crutch and others by moving the crutch on the arbor and several other methods, Jan it appears your crutch is pressed onto the arbor with a crutch collet. the slits that are cut on the crutch collet will allow for a adjustment to be made here (it is a tight press fit). hold the verge steady and twist the crutch in the direction needed, may take a few tries with small adjustments. Of course one of the issues I run into alot is when the movement is mounted making sure that everything is lined up properly thru the dial and the dial is plumb from 6 to 12 when the clock is hanging or sitting in a way that it is appealing to the eye. I cant say level as alot of clock cases have distorted over the years and it becomes a case of appearance instead of levelness. Hope I make some sense. I also do the same thing as Mahlon with the dowels to get the mounting screws to bite, if that particular area is visible you can try and match the type of wood and the grain pattern. I have a set of plug cutters that were real cheap but work great. you can pick a area of similar wood and grain pattern, match the stain color to make a almost invisible plug. Have fun, William

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