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Mahlon, I understand your problem. Mine was working fine on the test stand as well, but getting it into beat in the case is not that obvious. After it had been ticking all night, I tought I would put it in the case and see what happens. Well it turns out that getting the movement level in the case is not simple. The problem is that the fixture which holds the movement was not placed level in the case and hence the clock is not in beat, unless the case it moved sideways :( . I looked at that fixture but someone before me had only been tampering with the screws that hold it to the case. I am not a woodworker (yet?) and don’t know what to do best. There are different worn out holes on the correct locations, so I cannot use those any longer. The newer holes are not placed correctly and there is no place left to drill yet another set of holes.
I solved the question for the moment by putting a shim underneed the movement at one side, it works but I am not really satisfied with the solution.
To answer your question about the escape wheel: no visible damage to the theet :)


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