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Thanks Bob for your help. I will see how I can get the pallets mounted on my lathe and find a way to grind them without changing the impuls angle. Maybe I will come back for more help while doing this ;)

William, I read De Carlo’s description, but I don’t feel that it helps much in the way of explaining how to adjust the pallets.
Thanks for the info on your book, I will see if I can find a good book on escapements.
Maybe you can send the pdf to my email: [email protected].

Randy, I had no doubt that it would be better to correct the impulse faces. I was just hesitating because a worn impulse face is probably better than a wrong impulse angle ;), but I feel more comfortable now with the hints given by Bob. I just would like to be more confident that I can get the pallets back in their places with a proper lock and drop.


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