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Hey Jan, In DeCarles book look at page 209 for adjustments. I have a good little book called “the escapements” (their action, construction and proportion) by F.J. Britton, a small paperback with several types of escapements described. I am sure there are many other books out there on the subject and would go into great detail. If you had a solid anchor?,(the name escapes me) then yes if you do any polishing it will change the lock and drop and adjustments are difficult. this one you have has been made to easily adjust for that by sliding the pallets thru the slots when the clamp is loosened. when adjusted they will stay at the correct radial line from the center of the anchor arbor to provide the proper lock and drop. be slow and careful when polishing the impulse faces with light pressure and checking often so as not to change the angle of the impulse face. the book I mentioned gives the formula to draw the escapement on paper. I found doing this gave me a better understanding of the theory. I have a PDF that is very informative BUT I do not know how to put it up or even if I should, hopefully Bob is not napping in the sunny warm weather and can help us out on that. William

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