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    @Randy wrote:


    I’ve taken them down to bare metal with various forms of sand paper( very fine ), rouges and Diamantine mixed w/ oil as a final polish.
    Just depends on the amount of rust,..but start with very fine grits for safety.
    I’ve used cork mixed with Diamtine/oil, old burnishing tools, Pegwood with oil/paste, etc etc.
    Get a very flat and solid surface,..go slow,…in one direction for most part and pay close attention to your rhythm and method.
    “Daydreaming” for an instant can spell disaster.
    I then clean them in alcohol or one-dip, to make sure they are free from oil and other contaminants, then I blue them over an alcohol lamp on a brass plate until they are the right color
    If you mess up, get to start all over with the paste/oil to get the char off so that you can try again, really watch the color changes closely.
    I’ve included a photo of a Hamilton 921 project I did,..not a pic of the hands, ( which were fine ), but I used the same methods to prepare the screws, wheels and regulating arm.




    Wow – great job on the bluing! What thickness of brass plate are you using to do that? The bluing really adds to the look of the watch.