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chris mabbott
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It’s true what our brothers are saying Ed, been there myself, and there is definitely a pattern to it.
eBay becomes a kind of anti-boredom crutch that starts an addiction, hell, I’ve found myself shaking my head and thinking WHY am I buying so many items, like what Paul mentioned. We begin to live for auctions, or like myself, I moved on from auctions, no patience, I went to the buy it RIGHT frigging now 😆
Then comes the search for parts which we never seem to find, so we move on to buy yet another watch/clock to keep feeding the hobby? addiction?

Like Paul, I caught myself one day, so I decided at that moment to not go on eBay during the weekend, I even let my saved auctions expire, on purpose, I thought, it isn’t going to get the better of me ;)

Now for fun, I save items, then watch to see how they end, without bidding, just to watch the snipers. I want to buy, OH YES, but I can control it.
My self deal…. When I repair two watches, I will then hunt for another. I only buy a tool when I need it etc. I can look, but not buy until I meet my agreement 🙄

The daughters try to help us, but I and I are a little slow learnin’ only jah knows :D

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