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chris mabbott
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Hiya Ed,

Ya lost me buddy when you said Clock 😆 That’s one obsession I haven’t ventured into yet as I shudder to think of the space that these “unfinished symphonies” would take up in my space ( not affiliated with the web site) as I start, then leave them lying around.

But I do feel you brother, I had the same thing today, I was looking at the many watches in my Pending pile, the ones I’m still looking/waiting for parts for. I keep telling myself that I will not acquire any more until all are running 😆 Yeah right..

The thing I find is that I either spend too much time or not enough, as my schedule is fairly unpredictable. I think if, as in Williams and others case, that if this was a business for me, it would suit me better to give myself a set working time, then, finished or not, walk away at quitting time, rather than spend the whole day, as I tend to do, trying to get something going, NOW ;) Maybe you just need to change your rhythm ?

Try Uncle Larry, he has some very nice and reasonably priced staking sets, you don’t have to pay duty from Canada to the US on anything under $200. He also has a nice little starter lathe, looking at that myself as this is also another addiction… SOMEONE HELP ME 😈

These past three days have been successful though, I have completed/restored two PWs, back to their original shiny new condition, lovely, this is the best AND addictive part, that feeling of satisfaction.

Personally, I’m waiting for William to expand his operation and start hiring assistants, maybe I can set up a fly in fly out deal, 2 weeks in 2 weeks out 😆

Great time keepers by the way Ed, I’m partial to the blue travel clock, used to have blue hair at one point 🙄

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